SEO Services

SEO Services

Everyday people are are searching for businesses, products and services on the Internet. Do you want others to see your website first? Let us help you get on the FIRST PAGE of Google search results! Get started with us now!

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process or act that able to optimize your website traffic in order to increase your website visibility and ranking on search engine for example Google. The more effort you put in website SEO, the higher your website ranks on Google; the more qualified organic traffic you have. 

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Technical Search Engine Optimization

We perform Technical audit based on Google Webmaster provided standards and guidelines to ensure the accessibility, crawling and indexing of your website. It will greatly provide help to Google bots understand the structure of your website.

Page Optimization

Analyzing and structuring website content by implementing meta tags such as title and description. Utilizing website keyword and phrase density to improve search intent on the web.

Advanced Keyword Research

We help you to explore potential opportunities / keywords to make sure your website appears to clients searching for the products/services you offer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly asked questions from clients.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to the process of gaining targeted traffics by enhancing website organic ranking on search engine page results. Get to a higher position and increase visibility to your targeted audience search intent results. SEO optimization allows the increase of your search visibility on various search engines and website traffic. Get brand trust and a long-standing position in search engine results. Recently, most online businesses are running aggressive SEO campaigns and not investing in SEO for your business means losing the market share as the time pass.

There are many benefits of running a SEO campaign for your online business, for example enhanced user experience, higher conversion rate, promotes better cost management, encourages local users to visit the physical store after the search, building brand trust and increasing brand awareness.

SEO is about improving your website to acquire higher rankings in the organic section of search results while SEM (Search engine marketing) covers much more than SEO. SEM involves other techniques that can get you traffic from search engines such as paid advertisement (PPC advertising). You may contact us if you are interested in PPC advertising including search, display, remarketing, Facebook ads and so on.

Newly born websites take more time to appear on top search results. In general, new SEO campaigns will only start showing after 6 months, while established websites may take less for improvements to appear.

Search Engine algorithm changes all the time, we consult with leading industry experts and keep our systems up to date with the latest industry best practices and trends. It is a continual education process. We do not ensure SEO ranking but overall, provides best practices for a healthy, organic and consistent ranking for positive results.

SalesBuddy SEO team is a group of SEO experts who are responsible for running your campaign and making sure that the campaign is on track. SalesBuddy will allocate an account manager to be in contact with you through e-mail, or any other channel.

No, all the changes will be handled by our team. Our SEO solution and standard are frequently updated as per the newest modifications in algorithms. Of course, our team will discuss with you about the direction & decision related to your website SEO.

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